How to Get A First-class Degree 

How To Get A First-Class Degree by Olaniyi Evans is for extra-ambitious students who want to get a first-class degree. If this is what you want, you are the one for whom this book is written. The strategies contained in the pages will save you four years of hard work in achieving the goal that is most important to you.
This book contains the refined core of all that I have learned from Clever Prof in the areas of academic success, and from personal efforts in my bid for first-class degree attainment. By following the steps described in the pages, you will move to the front of the line in your university.
For my friends and readers of this book, my motivation for writing it is to give you a proven system that you can use to move onto the fast track in your own studies. This book is meant to be a blueprint and a manual to help you get from wherever you are academically to wherever you want to be. Welcome! A momentous voyage is about to commence.
Thank you for your interest in How To Get A First-Class Degree by Olaniyi Evans. I hope these strategies help you as much as they have helped me and thousands of others. In fact, I hope that this book changes your studies and life forever.

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Thank you.

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